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About Us

ICMR-National Institute of Traditional Medicine (formerly Regional Medical Research Centre) is one of the premier research institutes under Indian Council of Medical Research, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. The Centre has taken up research on scientific validation of Herbal and Traditional Medicine, through studies in phytochemistry, efficacy, safety, mode of action and clinical evaluation of herb, its ingredients and traditional formulations, as the thrust area. NITM is also involved in studies on prevalence of various diseases at regional level, and lending active support to the State health authorities in the investigation of outbreaks, laboratory confirmations, as well as providing infrastructural support and expertise in the relevant fields of interest.

Biomedical Informatics Centre (BIC)

The Biomedical Informatics Centre (BIC) was set up in April, 2013, as one of the 20 BICs of ICMR set up across the country to cater modern computational needs and support the ongoing Medical Research activities in the region. This BIC works mainly on Herbal Informatics with Traditional knowledge on Medicinal Plants, cutting edge informatics and big data biology into meaningful relationships to use in screening of plants for scientific validation. The BIC performs the following functions: (i) Provides Training to Researchers, Academia and Students as informatics tools for Medical research. (ii)Provides Informatics support to Researchers. (iii)In silico studies on Medicinal plants for validation of Traditional Medicines. The BIC has already provided informatics support to the Researchers across diverse areas of research. The Centre also designed and maintains the website of NITM (Formerly RMRC), and provides electronic/computing support to the administration in addition to its scientific activities.